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19th Swedish National Computer Networking and Cloud Computing Workshop (SNCNW 2024)

Linköping University, Linköping, June 11-12, 2024

Photo: Thor Balkhed


Sessions take place in B Building, entrance 27/29, 3rd floor, room John von Neumann, 3D:469. See directions and map on the Venue and local information page.

Presenters, please see the Presentation guidelines for preparations!

Tuesday June 11th

09:30 - Registration and coffee

10:00 - Welcome

10:15 - Session 1: Artificial Intelligence in Cloud/Edge and Networking

Chair: Anders Lindgren, RISE

Towards Neural Architecture Search for Transfer Learning in 6G Networks
Adam Orucu (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Ericsson); Farnaz Moradi (Ericsson); Masoumeh (Azin) Ebrahimi (KTH Royal Institute of Technology); Andreas Johnsson (Ericsson, Uppsala University)
An Initial Study on the Predictability of Starlink Downlink Throughput
David Ukwen, Johan Garcia, Anna Brunström, Mohammad Rajiullah (Karlstad University)
Computing Continuum Abstractions for Integration of Neuromorphic AI in Distributed Digitized Systems
Fredrik Sandin (Luleå University of Technology); Anders Lindgren (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden); Ulf Bodin, Olov Schelén (Luleå University of Technology)

11:30 - Lunch

13:00 - Keynote

Chair: Andrei Gurtov, Linköping University

Cellular networks transformation to cloud native
Alexey Shapin, Ericsson
Abstract: Cellular networks traditionally used purpose build hardware optimized for standardized interfaces, radio-related procedures and signal processing. With 4G and 5G, the Core of cellular network has been transformed and migrated to cloud, so, nowadays, cloud native Core has become an industry standard. However, there is a way to go – cloudification of Radio Access Network (RAN) is next obvious step. This keynote speech outlines the industry state-of-the-art and gives an overview of driving forces as well as technical challenges on the way to cloud native RAN.

14:00 - Session 2: Data-Driven Insights for Next-Generation Applications

Chair: Chanh Nguyen, UMU

On the use of streaming telemetry data for network health monitoring and anomaly detection
Karoly Makonyi (Savantic AB); Henrik Abrahamsson (RISE); Daniel Henriksson (Lunet); David Hock, Stefan Kremling, Fabian Lipp (Infosim GmbH); Jonathan Salisbury (Savantic AB); Johan Sandell (Waystream)
Data-driven framework for predicting medical device maintenance and performance using machine learning
Mozaffar Khider (Kristianstad University)

14:50 - Session 3: Poster and demos (incl coffee)

Chair: Mairton Barros, UU

Fast and Flexible Serverless CRDTs at the Edge
Adam Hasselberg (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden); Paris Carbone, György Dán (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
A Testbed for Evaluating Task Offloading Algorithms in Cloud-Fog-Edge V2I Scenarios
Yuhang Ye, Stefan Forsström (Mid Sweden University)
Towards Robust Air Traffic Management: A Deep Learning-Based Anomaly Detection Framework for ADS-B
Suleman Khan, Gurjot Singh, Andrei Gurtov (Linköping University)
Scalable Interconnection of Industrial Networks: KDC Placement Problem in Secure VPLS
Mohammad Borhani, Andrei Gurtov (Linköping University)
Communication-Efficient Distributed Computing via Matrix Factorization
Seif Hussein, Saeed Razavikia, Sajad Daei, Carlo Fischione (KTH)
Edge on Wheels: Design and Challenges in Real-time Object Detection
Mulham Abo Khalaf (Mid Sweden University)
Enhancing Remote Control Capabilities of ROS-based Robots via 5G Connectivity for Immersive Teleoperation and Object Detection
Bilal Khanous, Lorenzo Manno, Martin Mollat (Mid Sweden University)

16:30 - End of technical sessions

See the Venue and local information page for more information on the evening program.

18:00 - Visit to the Swedish Air Force Museum with dinner

Wednesday June 12th

09:00 - Keynote

Chair: Gurjot Singh, Linköping University

Ruby - A vision for a service-based autonomous airborne system for saving lives where nothing else can
Axel Bååthe, The Rainforest @ Saab

10:00 - Coffee break

10:30 - Session 4: Advancements in IoT and Sensor Networks

Chair: Rashid Ali, University West

Boosting NB-IoT Battery Life: Analyzing the Impact of Pre-configured Uplink Resources
Muhammad Tahir Abbas, Karl-Johan Grinnemo, Anna Brunstrom, Johan Eklund, Mohammad Rajiullah, Stefan Alfredsson (Karlstad University)
Evaluating Wi-Fi Fingerprinting for Enhanced Indoor Positioning in Campus Environments
Rasmus Andersson, William Tagesson, Rashid Ali (University West)
Benchmarking Lightweight Container Orchestration Distributions for Edge-Based IoT Applications
Muhammad Usman, Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University)

11:45 - Closing

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - End