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18th Swedish National Computer Networking and Cloud Computing Workshop (SNCNW 2023)

Kristianstad University, Kristianstad, June 14-15, 2023


Sessions take place in Room 17-323 in Building 17, Elmetorpsvägen 15. See map on the Venue and local information page.

Wednesday June 14th

09:00 - Registration and coffee

09:30 - Welcome

09:45 - Session 1: Bridging AI Governance, Smart IoT Solutions, and Cloud Control Systems

Chair: Antonio Seo, Umeå University

Towards Governance Protocols for Establishing Trust and Reliability in the AI Marketplace
Venkata Satya Sai Ajay Daliparthi, Nurul Momen, and Kurt Tutschku (Blekinge Institute of Technology); Miguel De Prado (Bonseyes Community Association)
A Smart IoT-based Soil Moisture System to Optimize Water Usage in Agriculture
Lorenzo Rodriguez and Qinghua Wang (Kristianstad University)
QUIC or TCP over the Cloud? – A Comprehensive Performance Evaluation on Transport Layer Protocols for Cloud Control Systems
Haorui Peng, William Tärneberg, Emma Fitzgerald and Maria Kihl (Lund University)

11:00 - Keynote

Chair: Bengt Ahlgren, RISE

Securing Our Networked World with Intelligence - in Real Time and at Internet Scale
Staffan Truvé, CTO at Recorded Future

12:00 - Lunch

13:30 - Session 2: Advancements in Anomaly Detection and Explainable AI for Next-Generation Technologies

Chair: Stefan Alfredsson, Karlstad University

Towards automated and proactive anomaly detection in a fiber access network
Henrik Abrahamsson (RISE); Daniel Henriksson (Lunet); Karoly Makonyi and David Menéndez Hurtado (Savantic); Johan Sandell (Waystream)
Explainable AI for Autonomous Vehicle Security: Applications, Challenges and Opportunities
Nishat I Mowla, Joakim Rosell, and Thomas Rosenstatter (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden)

14:15 - Keynote

Chair: Anna Brunström, Karlstad University

The Benefits of Open - for Research and Source Code
Toke Høiland-Jørgensen, Principal Kernel Engineer at Red Hat

15:15 - Session 3: Poster and demos (incl coffee)

Chair: Iliar Rabet, Mälardalen University

A data-driven framework for predicting medical device maintenance and performance using machine learning
Mozaffar Khider (Kristianstad University)
On Designing the Plug-and-Play of a Smart Home Communication Protocol
Daniel Einarson, Marijana Teljega, and Haydar Al Attar (Kristianstad University)
Attack Isolation and Mitigation on Cloud Control Systems
Fatemeh Akbarian, William Tärneberg, Emma Fitzgerald, and Maria Kihl (Lund University)
Zero-Energy Devices For 6G As Reality: Opportunities, Challenges And Solutions
Noman Zahid (Sukkur IBA University); Pushpa Priyanka Palesetti (Kristianstad University); Mahnoor Gul (Sukkur IBA University); Ali Hassan Sodhro and Charlotte Sennersten (Kristianstad University)
AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Automation
Joel Göransson and Kyi Thar (Mid Sweden University); Daniel Lindh (Syntronic); Mikael Gidlund (Mid Sweden University)
Resource Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Reinforcement Learning
Dinesh Sah (Mälardalen University)
Simulator Framework for Developing Decision-Making Methods for Critical Infrastructure
Bengt Ahlgren (RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden and Digital Futures)
Age of Information as quality measurement of Industrial Internet of Things Networks
Suleyman Sadikhov, Emma Fitzgerald, William Tärneberg, and Maria Kihl (Lund University)

16:30 - End of technical sessions

If weather allows, a joint walk will be organised from the conference, possibly with a detour to Kristianstad's Vattenriket.

See the Venue and local information page for more information on the evening program.

17:45 - Visit to the Film museum

19:00 - Dinner at the Stadshotel in Kristianstad

Thursday June 15th

09:00 - Session 4: Advancing Sustainable Computing, 5G Networks, and Autonomous Intersection Management

Chair: György Dán, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

A low-carbon orchestration for sustainable computing in decentralized Learning
Eunil Seo (Umeå University); Abel Souza (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Erik Elmroth (Umeå University)
Preliminary Results on the Performance Evolution of 5G Non-Standalone Networks
Giuseppe Caso and Mohammad Rajiullah (Karlstad University); Konstantinos Kousias (University of Oslo); Usman Ali and Luca De Nardis (Sapienza University of Rome); Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University); Ozgu Alay (University of Oslo and Karlstad University); Marco Neri (Rohde&Schwarz); Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto (Sapienza University of Rome)
Impact of Positioning Uncertainty on Autonomous Intersection Management System
SeyedeZahra Chamideh, William Tärneberg, and Maria Kihl (Lund University)

10:15 - Coffee break

10:45 - Session 5: Exploring Cutting-Edge Research in Edge Computing, IoT Mobility, and Connected Vehicle Communications

Chair: Haorui Peng, Lund University

Bayesian Gaussian Process Bandit Approach for Service Caching and Pricing in Serverless Edge Computing
Feridun Tütüncüoğlu and György Dán (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
SDMob: SDN-based Mobility Management for IoT Networks
Iliar Rabet and Hossein Fotouhi (Mälardalen University); Mario Alves (Politécnico do Porto (ISEP)); Maryam Vahabi and Mats Björkman (Mälardalen University)
On Transient Communication Outages in Connected and Automated Vehicles
Shahriar Hasan, Svetlana Girs, and Elisabeth Uhlemann (Mälardalen University)

12:00 - Closing

12:15 - Lunch

13:45 - End