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17th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop (SNCNW 2022)

KTH, Stockholm, June 16-17, 2022

Final Program

Sessions take place in Room U21 in the U building, Brinellvägen 28A. See map on the Venue and local information page.

Thursday June 16th

10:00 - Registration and coffee

10:30 - Welcome

10:45 - Session 1: Networking and 5G

Chair: Per Hurtig, Karlstad University

Bias Minimization for Over-the-Air Computation
Henrik Hellström, Viktoria Fodor, and Carlo Fischione (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Accelerating a Transport Layer based 5G Multi-Access Proxy on SmartNIC
Rebecka Alfredsson, Andreas Kassler, Jonathan Vestin, and Marcus Pieska (Karlstad University); Markus Amend (Deutsche Telekom)
Evolving 5G: ANIARA an Edge-Cloud perspective
Ian Marsh (RISE AB); Wolfgang John and Ali Balador (Ericsson AB); Federico Tonini (Chalmers University of Technology); Jalil Taghia and Andreas Johnsson (Ericsson AB); Paolo Monti (Chalmers University of Technology); Jonas Gustafsson (RISE SICS North); Pontus Sköldström (QamCom AB); Johan Sjöberg (Ericsson AB); Jim Dowling (Logical Clocks AB)

12:00 - Lunch

13:15 - Keynote

Chair: Börje Ohlman, Ericsson

Behind the scenes of HACKAD_ // Ethical hacking demystified
David Jacoby, Sprinkler Security Sweden AB & Unbreached AB

14:00 - Session 2: Computing models

Chair: Andreas Kassler, Karlstad University

Optimal Placement of Recurrent Service Chains on Distributed Edge-Cloud Infrastructures
Ayeh Mahjoubi, Javid Taheri and Karl-Johan Grinnemo (Karlstad University); Shuiguang Deng (Zhejiang University, China)
An Implemented Network Testbed for Evaluating IoT Cloud/Fog/Mist Scenarios
Stefan Forsström, Hans Lindqvist, and Viktor Andersson (Mid Sweden University)
Resource Dimensioning for Single-Cell Edge Video Analytics
Jaume Anguera Peris and Viktoria Fodor (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

15:15 - Session 3: Poster and demos (incl coffee)

Chair: Charlotte Sennersten, Kristianstad University

A Safe and Robust Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles at Intersection
SeyedeZahra Chamideh and Maria Kihl (Lund University)
Implementation of Sequential Detection of Replay Attacks for Cloud Native Controller
Emma Cuthbert, Fatemeh Akbarian, and Maria Kihl (Lund University)
Flooding alert system for Kristianstad Municipality using machine learning
Walid Abdelrahman, Måns Thomasson, and Qinghua Wang (Kristianstad University)
A Distributed Web Caching Strategy for Microservice Architecture Based Application
Haorui Peng, William Tärneberg, Emma Fitzgerald, and Maria Kihl (Lund University)
Digital Twin-based Intrusion Detection for Industrial Control Systems
Seba Anna Varghese (KTH Royal Institute of Technology); Alireza Dehlaghi Ghadim and Ali Balador (RISE); Zahra Alimadadi and Panos Papadimitratos (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

16:45 - End of technical sessions

17:15 - Joint walk to the boat cruise

A joint walk will be organised from the conference. See the Venue and local information page for more information including a map and subway alternative.

18:00 - Boat cruise with dinner

Boat cruise in the Stockholm archipelago with M/S Angantyr departing from Nybroviken.

22:00 - Boat returns

Friday June 17th

09:00 - Session 4: Networking

Chair: Ali Hassan Sodhro, Kristianstad University

Bringing packet queueing to XDP
Freysteinn Alfredsson, Per Hurtig, and Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University); Toke Høiland-Jørgensen and Jesper Dangaard Brouer (Red Hat)
Passive Monitoring of Network Latency at High Line Rates
Simon Sundberg and Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University); Simone Ferlin-Reiter (Ericsson); Toke Høiland-Jørgensen and Jesper Dangaard Brouer (Red Hat)
RPL-RP: RPL with Route Projection for Transversal Routing
Iliar Rabet, Hossein Fotouhi, and Maryam Vahabi (Mälardalen University); Mário Alves (Politécnico do Porto (ISEP)); Mats Björkman (Mälardalen University)

10:15 - Coffee break

With visit to the Digital Futures Drone Arena Inaugural Challenge in the KTH Reactor Hall. See the Venue and local information page for a map.

11:15 - Session 5: Edge and cloud computing

Chair: Simone Ferlin-Reiter, Red Hat

MASTS: Microservice-Aware Secure Task Scheduling System for Distributed Workflow Drone Applications
Ali Hassan Sodhro (Kristianstad University); Abdullah Lakhan and Tor Marten Gronli (Kristiania University College, Norway); Charlotte Sennersten (Kristianstad University)
An Observability Framework for Containerized Microservices in Edge Infrastructures
Muhammad Usman (Karlstad University); Simone Ferlin-Reiter (Ericsson AB); Javid Taheri and Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University)

12:05 - Closing

12:20 - Lunch

13:30 - End