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15th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop SNCNW 2019

Final program

Conference room: A117
Poster session: Foyer outside A117
Lunches: Centrumrestaurangen (building B)

Tuesday June 4th

10:00 - Registration and coffee

10:30 - Welcome

10:45 - Session 1: Virtualization and resource management

Chair: Anna Brunström, Karlstad University

Migrating Virtualized Services under Time Constraints in Mobile Edge Clouds
Peiyue Zhao and György Dán (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Network Intelligence for enhanced multi access mobile edge computing in 5G
Raihan ul Islam and Karl Andersson (Luleå University of Technology); Mohammad Shahadat Hossain (University of Chittagong)
Orchestrating Future Service Chains in the Next Generation of Clouds
Roman-Valentyn Tkachuk (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola); Dragos Ilie (Blekinge Institute of Technology); Kurt Tutschku (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola)

12:00 - Lunch

13:10 - Keynote

Chair: Börje Ohlman, Ericsson

Five nines, how hard could that be?
Börje Josefsson, COO SUNET
Abstract: This speech will cover the design philosophy behind a "five nine" network - the obstacles that could arise, and some of the solutions. It will also touch base on the "Särimner" project, that focused on how to secure that the citizens of Sweden always can get reliable critical information in case of a crisis.
Bio: Börje Josefsson is currently the Chief Operating Officer and assistant manager of SUNET, the Swedish university network. He has studied computer science at the university in Luleå, and has worked both as systems operator, team leader and CTO at the university before joining SUNET as CTO, and then COO.

14:00 - Session 2: Energy-aware communication

Chair: Raihan ul Islam, Luleå University of Technology

Impact of Tunable Parameters in NB-IoT Stack on the Energy Consumption
Muhammad Tahir Abbas, Johan Eklund, Karl-Johan Grinnemo, and Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University)
Energy Efficient UE in a 5G Multi-connectivity UDN City Scenario
José Perdomo, Mårten Ericson, and Mats Nordberg (Ericsson); Karl Andersson (Luleå Tekniska Universitet)

14:45 - Poster and demo session (incl coffee)

Chair: Karl Andersson, Luleå University of Technology

The session starts with 1-2 minute pitches by the poster and demo presenters!

Inner For-Loop for Speeding Up Blockchain Mining
Oluwatosin Adewumi and Marcus Liwicki (LTU)
Digitizing Contractual Cooperation via Signature Chain Exchange Networks
Emanuel Palm, Olov Schelén, and Ulf Bodin (Luleå University of Technology)
Text Data Augmentation Based on Key Proximity for Intent Classification
Pedro Ernesto Alonso de los Reyes (Luleå university of technology); Vinaychandran Pondenkandath (University of Fribourg); Ayushman Dash (MindGarage, Kaiserslautern, Germany); Marcus Liwicki and Fotini Simistira (Luleå University of Technology); Amit Sahu and Kumar Shridhar (MindGarage, Kaiserslautern, Germany); Gustav Grund Pihlgren (Luleå University of Technology); György Kovacs (Luleå University of Technology, xMTA-SZTE Research Group on Artificial Intelligence, Szeged, Hungary)
Access control in Information-centric Networking for Disaster Scenarios
Börje Ohlman (Ericsson Research); Alexander Barosen (KTH)

Additional presentations (not in proceedings):

Consumer Code Generation
Cristina Paniagua (Luleå University of Technology)
DOCMA: A Decentralized Orchestrator for Containerized Microservice Applications
Lara Lorna Jimenes (Luleå University of Technology)

15:30 - End of technical sessions

Walk to RISE SICS ICE (300m)

16:00 - Visit to RISE SICS ICE data center

Tor Björn Minde will guide us through the ICE data center

17:00 - Bus leave for Gammelstad

Guided tour of Gammelstad, an UNESCO world heritage, starting at about 17:30.

Bus back to Luleå for dinner at about 18:30

19:00 - Workshop dinner

At Bistro Norrland

Wednesday June 5th

09:00 - Session 3: Low latency and mission critical communication

Chair: Lorenzo Corneo, Uppsala University

Latency-aware Multipath Scheduling in Information-centric Networks
Bengt Ahlgren (RISE SICS); Karl-Johan Grinnemo (Karlstad University); Henrik Abrahamsson (RISE SICS); Anna Brunstrom and Per Hurtig (Karlstad University)
On the Use of 5G for Inter-substation GOOSE Transmission in Smart Grid
Van Giang Nguyen and Adrian Carlsson (Karlstad University, Sweden); Karl-Johan Grinnemo (Karlstad University); Jun Cheng, Javid Taheri, and Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University, Sweden)
Developing Predictable Vehicular Embedded Systems Utilizing Time-Sensitive Networking–A Research Plan
Bahar Houtan, Mohammad Ashjaei, Masoud Daneshtalab, Mikael Sjödin, and Saad Mubeen (Mälardalen University, Sweden)

10:15 - Coffee

10:45 - Session 4: Requirement on data for action and measurement

Chair: Olov Schelén, Luleå University of Technology

The Grouping Window Schedule
Lorenzo Corneo, Lukas Wirne, Christian Rohner, and Per Gunningberg (Uppsala University)
Rate change detection in stationary cellular nodes
Habtegebreil Haile, Per Hurtig, Karl-Johan Grinnemo, and Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University)

11:30 - Closing

11:45 - Lunch

13:00 - End