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7th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop SNCNW 2011

Preliminary program

Monday June 13th

10:30 - Registration and coffee

11:00 - Welcome

11:15 - Session 1

Short Flows and TCP Metric Caching in Linux
Per Hurtig and Anna Brunstrom
ISP-aware P2P streaming over a flat Internet
Ilias Chatzidrossos and György Dan

12:00 - Lunch

13:15 - Keynote

Constrained trust: How to use DNSSEC to keep PKI on a leash
by Jakob Schlyter

14:15 - Session 2

Collaborative Optimal Rate Selection for Interference Cancellation
Vangelis Angelakis; Lei Chen; Di Yuan
Performance Analysis of Cellular Network Assisted D2D Communications
Marco Belleschi; Gabor Fodor

15:00 - Coffee and Poster session

Measurement of IP forwarding performance on complex computer architectures
Olof Hagsand; Robert Olsson; Jens Låås; Bengt Görden
A case study on streaming performance in 3G networks
Patrik Arlos; Ravichandra Kommalapati; Markus Fiedler
Traffic Analysis Attacks in Anonymity-Overhead Trade-off
Ognjen Vukovic; György Dan; Gunnar Karlsson
Offloading Packet Processing Task to Increase Application Processing Cycles
Voravit Tanyingyong; Markus Hidell; Peter Sjödin
Virtualizing Open Access Networks
Pontus Sköldström; Anders Gavler; Viktor Nordell
Blocking in WDM Networks with set-up Delay Tolerance and Known Holding-time
Ajmal Muhammad; Robert Forchheimer

16:30 - Session 3

Haggle Testbed: a Testbed for Opportunistic Networks
Fredrik Bjurefors and Christian Rohner
Delay Penalty during SCTP Handover
Johan Eklund, Karl-Johan Grinnemo, Anna Brunstrom, Georgios Cheimonidis, and Yuri Ismailov

17:15 - break

17:45 - Bus transportation

18:00 - Social event at Swedish Air Force Museum

Tuesday June 14th

9:00 - Session 4

A Game Theoretic Analysis of Selfish Content Replication on Graphs
Valentino Pacifici György Dan
Mobile Sources in an Information Centric Network with Hierarchical Names: An Indirection Approach
Frederik Hermans; Edith C.-H. Ngai; Per Gunningberg
Experiments with Subversion Over OpenNetInf and CCNx
Bengt Ahlgren; Börje Ohlman; Erik Axelsson; Lars Brown

10:10 - Coffee

10:40 - Session 5

Data Modeling and Transport of Syslog Messages
Mohammad Rajiullah; Reine Lundin; Anna Brunstrom; Stefan Lindskog
Passive Methods for the Assessment of User-perceived Quality of Delivery
Junaid Shaikh; Markus Fiedler; Tahir Nawaz Minhas; Patrik Arlos; Denis Collange
Using Metadata to Improve Repeatability in Shared Environments
Pehr Söderman; Markus Hidell; Peter Sjödin

11:50 - Closing

12:00 - Lunch