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4th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop SNCNW 2006

Preliminary program

Thursday October 26th

10:00 - Registration and coffee

11:00 - Welcome

11:15 - Keynote

Internet governance in the narrow sense: IGF, ICANN, and the DNS
by Avri Doria

Abstract: While the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) outcome documents outlined a wider definition for Internet Governance than just the narrow issue of ICANN, Internet Names and the DNS remain an outstanding and difficult issue for diplomats, policy makers and technologist alike. Recently ICANN has seen its Joint Project Agreement with the US Department of commerce amended in a way that many believe offers the organization more independence. At the same ICANN is working on policies having to do with the introduction of new generalized Top Level Domain names (gTLDs and the introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). The talk will highlight some of the orgoing technopolitical considerations or recent activities in ICANN.

Avri Doria has been an Internet technologist involved in the development of Internet protocols and architectures for over 25 years and is an active participant in the IETF, chair of the IRTF Routing Research group, Technical Committee Chair of the Multi Service Forum, a member of the ICANN GNSO council, an active participant in WSIS Civil society and was a member of the WGIG. Ms. Doria is a co-founder of the Nomadic Women's ICT Network, a new NGO focusing on increasing the ICT opportunities for nomadic and semi-nomidic women, and has recently become a member of the APC Women's Networking Support Program.

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - Session 1: Network analysis and routing

Identifying Critical Traffic Demands in an IP Backbone
Anders Gunnar (SICS)
Simulating the National-Level Impact of Routing Attacks in Sweden
Michael Liljenstam (Omicron Ceti AB)

13:50 - Short break

14:00 - Session 2: Network management and monitoring

Fault Localization Scheme for Multiple Failures in Optical Network
Amitava Mukherjee (KTH and IBM India Pvt Ltd, IN), Sayan Pal (IBM India Pvt Ltd, IN), and Puspendu Nayek (IBM India Pvt Ltd, IN)
Adaptive Continuous Monitoring in Large-scale Networks with Accuracy Objectives
Alberto Gonzalez (KTH) and Rolf Stadler (KTH)

14:50 - Coffee

15:15 - Session 3: Mobile network architectures

SIP in hybrid MANETs - A gateway based approach
Marcel Castro (Karlstad University) and Andreas J. Kassler (Karlstad University)
Research Challenges on Multi-radio Access Selection in Dynamically Composed Networks
Georgios Koudouridis (TeliaSonera Corporate R&D) and Olav Queseth (KTH, SE)
An architecture for seamless mobility management in various types of applications using a combination of MIP and SIP
Karl Andersson (Lulea University of Technology) and Christer Ahlund (Lulea University of Technology)

16:30 - Panel: follow-up to keynote speech

Conference dinner

Friday October 27th

9:00 - Session 4: Multimedia distribution

Internet Content Distribution: Developments and Challenges
Adrian Popescu (Blekinge Institute of Technology), David Erman (Blekinge Institute of Technology), Dragos Ilie (Blekinge Institute of Technology), Doru Constantinescu (Blekinge Institute of Technology), and Alexandru Popescu (University of Bradford, UK)
Evolution of multiple-tree-based peer-to-peer multimedia streaming architectures
Ilias Chatzidrossos (KTH), Gyorgy Dan (KTH), and Viktoria Fodor (KTH)

9:50 - Coffee

10:00 - Poster Session

Sven Westergren (Uppsala University), Olof Rensfelt (Uppsala University), and Lars-Åke Larzon (Uppsala University)
A bandwidth study of a DHT in a heterogeneous environment
Olof Rensfelt (Uppsala University) and Lars-Åke Larzon (Uppsala University)
Analyzing Tunable Security Services
Stefan Lindskog (Karlstad University), Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University), and Zoltán Faigl (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU)
Accuracy Evaluation of Ping and J-OWAMP
Patrik Arlos (Blekinge Institute of Techology) and Markus Fiedler (Blekinge Institute of Technology)
LUTHER - an ns module for simulation of HSDPA
Sara Landström (Luleå University of Technology) and Mats Folke (Luleå University of Technology)
NeTraWeb - A Web-Based Traffic flow Performance Meter
Thomas Lindh (KTH), Magnus Brenning (KTH), Ibrahim Orhan (KTH), Björn Olander (KTH), and Johan Wennberg (KTH)

11:00 - Session 5: End to end communication performance

Modified TCP Congestion Control Algorithm for Throughput Enhancement in Wired-cum-Wireless Networks
Amitava Mukherjee (KTH and IBM India Pvt Ltd, IN)
A metric for single-ended speech quality estimation
Martin Varela (INRIA/IRISA, FR), Ian Marsh (SICS), Björn Grönvall (SICS), and Florian Hammer (FTW, AT)

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - Session 6: Design and evaluation of network building blocks

An Analysis of Queueing Behavior in Network Processor Systems
Jing Fu (KTH), Olof Hagsand (KTH), and Gunnar Karlsson (KTH)
A VLAN Ethernet Backplane for a Distributed Network System
Lei Shi (KTH) and Peter Sjödin (KTH)
CRIS - a Crisis Request generator for Internet Servers
Mikael Andersson (Lund Institute of Technology), Anders Hagsten (Lund Institute of Technology), and Fredrik Neisler (Lund Institute of Technology)

14:15 - Coffee

14:40 - Session 7: Mobile ad-hoc networks

ExPLoIT: Exploiting Past Location Information and Transitivity for positioning in mobile sensor networks
Christophe Baraër (Luleå University of Technology), Kaustubh Phanse (Lulea University of Technology), Johan Nykvist (Luleå University of Technology), and Luka Birsa (Luleå University of Technology)
Link Quality-Aided Flooding: A Simple Protocol for Efficient Flooding in Wireless Sensor Networks
Lasse Öberg (Jönköping University) and Youzhi Xu (Jönköping University)
Energy-aware on-demand Scatternet Formation
Tomas Johansson (Luleå University of Technology) and Lenka Carr-Motyckova (Luleå University of Technology)

15:55 - Closing

16:00 - End